Custom chords not working with external keyboard

Custom chords by external keyboard not working , it seems to work fine when played on the Pyramid smart pads
but when I play my external keyboard by midi I can see the pyramid midi activity blink and confirm it’s getting the notes but the Pyramid custom mode is not reading the notes or the chords I play with external keyboard but the same connection works fine outside of custom chord mode .

What could be the problem hear ?
please help !

seem to work for me here…

have you set:

settings->midi in-> assign note :
either smartpads or smartpads white

Id guess you have…
if so, I think what Id try is resetting your settings to default, perhaps there is something else causing an issue (though I cannot think what off hand)

I’ll be honest I don’t find using an external keyboard for smartpads very useful, as it applies to the entire note range, would have been much better if @squarpadmin had limited smartpads mapping to a particular octave/midi channel, so we could still use midi controllers for both smartpads and regularly note entry/playing.
(unless ive missed something its all or nothing )

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