Creating type 1 midi files?

I was consulting the manual about importing midi files and noticed at the very end it reads:

“Note: if your track includes multiple patterns, it will be saved as a type 1 midi file (multiple track file). In the same way, if you import a type 1 midi file, all tracks will be imported as multiple patterns.”

I’m curious how one would go about creating such files. I’m using ableton, which apparently is unable to save files in that manner. Any easy way to save multiple patterns as a type 1 file on mac or pc? Otherwise it seems it would be very tedious to import many different tracks and then copy and paste them into the desired pattern slot.

as it is, I happily spend much more time with the pyramid than my daw, but I’d love to bridge that divide of these two systems, so any tips are welcome! :control_knobs::level_slider:

I see your post is several months old, and perhaps you’ve solved it.
I’m a n00b to the Pyramid (less than a week) and at that same place with my learning curve.

Actually, I can create Type 1 MIDI files using Sonar, which is a pain since I stopped using Sonar awhile ago in favour of constructing in Ableton Live (which doesn’t do Type 1 MIDI Files). However, I find that just sticking a Type 1 .mid file with the different patterns in the proper directory and naming it correctly (track01.mid) doesn’t seem to work.

However, working the other way I can view the Type 1 MIDI file data as expected.

So I guess this is a multi-part response with additional questions:

  • Have you been able to create type 1 MIDI files, and thus resolved your OP?
  • If you have figured a way to properly import them, have you run into similar issues as I, and how did you resolve them?
  • Anyone else have any data that would help with importing Type 1 MIDI files so that separate tracks become the Patterns?