Creating longer tracks with automation


First poster here. Seems like a very nice and friendly forum :slight_smile:

I’m not a Pyramid user yet, but I’m looking for a midi sequencer and this one seems to fit the bill for what I’m after.

This is what I’m after -

I use a 1010 Blackbox. It’s great in all ways but one - longer songs and structures. That’s okay, it doesn’t claim anything else.

But what I’d like to do is to hook it up to a sequencer, from where I can launch clips and samples. I already know the Pyramid can do this. As a sequencer for the Blackbox, it’s already ticking all the boxes.

However, I want to do longer transitional effects and similar over midi, and record them for automation. Essentially, a perfect midi-controlled playback experience where I slowly fade out the volume for one sample - by slowly, I mean like over eight or sixteen bars, for example - slowly fade other samples in, and do all kinds of things of the sort with filters, fx, sample start points and similar, from the Pyramid over midi into the Blackbox - and all automated.

Does the Pyramid allow for these kind of longer takes? 16 bar midi CC fades in and out? And what’s it like to build sets of hundreds of bars in it, for epic ambient stuff that’s all midi automated?

If the Pyramid can do this, it would seem like the perfect tool for me to create longer structures and songs where more complex stuff is going on, CC automated and recorded.

So, you want to create sequences >16 bars with MIDI CC data?
The Pyramid can handle Tracks up to 384 bars.

and scroll down to “SpecSheet”

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Very cool. Thanks.

I use it like that, I have for each device with cc two tracks, one I use it for playing the midi notes that is 2/4/8 bar long, the other one for cc changes, 16/32/64/whatever. You can Change sequences and whatever and if you choose the correct play Mode it will stay on the current bar


Very cool. Thanks. Didn’t occur to me to use it like that. Powerful.