Create definitions on Mac

Hi guys,

  1. Any idea how to create definitions on a Mac?
    i.e. what app do I use to create the txt file?

  2. After creating/copying a definition where is it placed on the SD card?


i use Text Edit and c&p from the definitions others have created here in the forum (or using the template to create your own)

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Thanks :+1:t2:

Do we have to create a definitions folder or do we just paste onto the root of the SD?


i believe the definitions text file just resides at the top level

“Instrument Definitions are UTF-8 encoded text files, with the “.txt” file extension.
They should be stored in the HAPAX folder of the SD card, alongside the projects.”


In text edit , there are some settings you may have to change from the default

As mentioned above , change the file save setting to .txt , and utf-8

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