Create definitions on Mac

Hi guys,

  1. Any idea how to create definitions on a Mac?
    i.e. what app do I use to create the txt file?

  2. After creating/copying a definition where is it placed on the SD card?


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i use Text Edit and c&p from the definitions others have created here in the forum (or using the template to create your own)

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Thanks :+1:t2:

Do we have to create a definitions folder or do we just paste onto the root of the SD?


i believe the definitions text file just resides at the top level

“Instrument Definitions are UTF-8 encoded text files, with the “.txt” file extension.
They should be stored in the HAPAX folder of the SD card, alongside the projects.”


In text edit , there are some settings you may have to change from the default

As mentioned above , change the file save setting to .txt , and utf-8

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i dl’d an example def from the manual, duplicated it and opened it with space bar. on top right corner it says “open with text edit”.

then i selected all and replaced with instr def from forum.

last step was rename to nameofsynth.txt (your name of synth :wink: )

they just have to be put in the hapax folder on card where all the projects are.

this worked for me on mac, no change of settings or whatever

If you open an example, it will already be in the correct format and file type .txt , by default I think text editor auto detects files .
If you start from fresh , txt editor might save it in rich text format , goto settings and select file type .txt
If it doesn’t load correctly, on hapax , ie , you get a syntax error , goto txt editor settings and set the save file format to ut8

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JHFC this is hard. I have 2 files. Iridium1.txt and Iridium2.txt. Copy them to the hapax folder on the SD card, and they are not found in the hapax. Anybody know why?

Where are you looking for them on the hapax ?
Press 2nd and the trk num , then bottom left knob in the middle section

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The problem is, I don’t know where to put them on the SD card

In the folder , Alongside your projects

Quoting from the manual: Hapax Manual | Squarp instruments

They should be stored in the HAPAX folder of the SD card, alongside the projects.

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