Create a CV automation lane from CV track

I have a track with CV data on it, which is being used to modulate the pitch of an oscillator, but I want to move this into the same track as I’m sending MIDI note data from, as I basically accidentally sent MIDI and CV pitch to the same oscillator and really like what came out, so trying to put it into one track.

I first thought about recording the CV out into CV in, and recording CV in into an automation lane, but when I play it back out, it doesn’t sound nearly the same for some reason (think note spread is smaller than expected)

I then tried working out the note values (ie, middle C is note 64) and putting that into a CC automation lane, then changing destination. This also didn’t work.

It’s very possible that I won’t get this working as I expected, and will have to keep it at two separate tracks, but I was wondering if anyone else here has tried this, or has any ideas on how it might work?

if i understood you are sending midi notes and pitch cv voltages to one oscillator, does this oscillator have a midi input and a v/o input? or are you using a kind precision adder to add those 2 pitch voltages?

EDIT: or your oscillator has 2 pitch input (e.g. new make noise oscillator)?

Yeah, it’s got a MIDI input and a CV input, and they can be used together.

oh ok, not sure i can help but i wanted to be sure i understood.
did you compare the automation cv values (original and recorded one)?

I haven’t got to the point of bringing the multimeter out yet, but that may be a good shout, thinking about it.


i just tried copy/paste automations between track and it gives me an error

i’m still on the last beta tho

The biggest problem is that the CV track isn’t an automation. And there’s definitely no copy and paste between the two of those.

(it gave an error because the automation has no destination)

have you checked the CV input range?

Yeah. All I can think is maybe the output range is miscalibrated (although I did recalibrate it a few months ago)

i just calibrated the outputs and tested this:

midi note sequence sent to CV1 output,
recording CV1 output into CV1 input.

here are the recorded values:
Screenshot 2022-11-11 at 22.12.08

(using Mordax Data to measure the voltages)
C5 (note 60) should give 0V so it seems to me that the CV input isn’t that precise or needs calibration.

Yeah, maybe the CV input needs a calibration function? Not sure

@Thibault_Squarp can you shed any light on this?

Using the centroid I managed to get the same pitch sequence.
I first thought I needed de add 0.14V but it ended up to be 0.25V.
Also Hapax says that the automation (after centroid adjustment) goes from +0.12V to 0.39V but I measure 0V to 0.28V on the CV output. i might be missing some logic tho.

I tried to use it as a cv recorder, but due to the different input and output voltages, I refrained from this application.
I requested to be able to calibrate the cv input.

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We plan to implement this soon.

Most likely a display-side bug, I’ll report it


You should be able to copy and paste the CV lane between tracks

  1. Go to track with CV data
  2. Click to open context menu
  3. Choose COPY
  4. Go to destination track
  5. Hold encoder on top of “+ADD” to open context menu
  6. Choose PASTE