Crashes & Strange Behaviour


I’ve recently bought a rarely used second-hand hermod and fight with some issues. Not sure if i bought a lemon or if something in my system is the cause. I already reflashed the latest firmware without change.

I get a significant numbers of crashes, always while navigating the menu, not reproducable. Sometimes it works for a while, then i get a lot of crashes in short sequence. Also the track/settings/etc buttons sometimes stay “sticky” and wont let me switch context.

I use it in a full mantis case with significant power headroom left. Midi connection from pc with a long usb cable which i blamed initially, switching the cable didnt help. I think that i get less crashes without the usb cable plugged in but im not 100% sure.

I absolutely love the functionality of the hermod and it works great in my setup but those crashes are frustrating and not tolerable.

Anyone can give some context on similar experiences?

they kind of have 2 modes, a quick press which switch modes, and then a hold which temporarily allows you to do things like switch tracks. initially that can feel a bit weird till you get used to the timing.
but apart from that, should be ok.

Ive not had any crashes with the last couple of OS releases, its been stable, and for me very few (if any) issues.

I don’t often have it plugged in to a computer, but when I have, Ive not experienced any issues,

hmm…sorry, hard to know what to suggest:

  • test without a computer? if its still crashing, then its not likely the cause
  • try using another SD card?, but thats only used for update OS, save/load projects
  • as you highlight, power can sometimes be a problem in eurorack, but hard to test that without another rack :frowning:

but (for me at least) id say the latest OS is stable, so it shouldn’t be randomly crashing.

Might be obvious, but are you running the latest OS? If not, give that a try.

thanks for your replies.

quick update, i’ve switched to using an old school midi cable to sync my maschine after my post and so far havent had any crashes. so stronger suspicion on the midi connection being the culprit (the issue happend with 2 different cables, so not the cable itself)

it’s rather long (3m) and connected to a mac in case anyone suffers from the same issue

still suboptimal as i’d like to use it as a bidirectional midi to cv gate

ps: why does squarp not react to support mails?

Glad to hear you’ve managed to solve the issue.

In my experience Squarp have been very responsive. Their support has been excellent.