CPU Hum in Hermod


So I have been getting a very annoying and prominent buzz from Hermod since day one. The buzz changes in character whenever I press buttons or when I run the sequence. The hum exists whether or not I use USB and only goes away when I disconnect Hermod from my rack. I’m using a 4ms Row Power and a 90w power brick that Foundsound.com sold with the Row Power.
I have read another post about swapping out the power brick for a MeanWell one, but don’t want to spend $50 on a fix without more people chiming in to say this resolved their issue.

Are there any other solutions I could try first? Or is this new power brick a sure-fire solution and may as well give it a go?

Any help is appreciated at this stage.


I have the exact same issue with mine, when changing modes the LED’s or some other interference cause different pitch hum in my signal path.

I’ve tested it from a Doepfer LC9 that contains a Meanwell PSU 3 and a Make Noise powered skiff, and neither supply makes a difference.

The sound gets more prominent with a USB device plugged in. I have been told that a linear PSU would probably solve the issue but haven’t got one to test.