Corrupted/ Unloadable project? Locks Hapax

Logging a bug, but wondering if anyone else has been hit by this?

Woke up this morning to continue my session from last night and when I load my project it just stalls at the end? Some wonky pixels on the load screen?

My project.dat was corrupted. I was able to recover my note and automation data by

  1. Create a new empty project on the SD card (called RECOVER)
  2. Eject SD card and load onto PC.
  3. Browse to corrupted project (in my case this is called STONESPAN)
  4. Copy all .dat files in the STONESPAN folder, except project.dat
  5. Paste this data into the RECOVER project
  6. Profit

Your RECOVER project should now have the default project settings, but all of your automation, note and drum data. Which in my case took me 15 minutes, but saved me about 4 hours of rework, trying to remember what the hell I did yesterday.


i also have this problem !

please send bug reports via the contact form , and you can provide the corrupted project to Squarp to investigate.

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yes i did…

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