Copying patterns stops working on a track, Help!

Has anyone else stumbled across a problem where patterns are suddenly not able to be copied within the same track after it it working fine for the first 4 or 5 patterns.
I thought it was an error on one of my tracks, so i re-created the patterns from scratch after trying various other copying work arounds, but ended coming back to the same problem.

Is incredibly frustrating, am i missing something? i’m on the latest OS.

any thoughts much appreciated

Yes, this happened to me and seemed to be related to running out of memory. :frowning:

Ok interesting. Thanks for the 2 pence. The strange thing is I’m not that far into building up a project file. Basically a couple of tune ideas using 19 tracks with a few patterns or less on most of them and 7 sequences. Is that really using too much memory already?? Or is there potentially a problem with the memory cache not being emptied from previous projects?

It’s not the number of Tracks, but the amount of data.

One Track with 4 Notes is not the same as One Track with a boatload of 64th Notes and many CC automations recorded in realtime via knob twisting and a bunch of Pitch Bend data

One thing I was doing early on is multiplying tracks a lot then reducing the bar count so there was a lot of hidden information in bars not being used. If you have a 16 bar sequence but your only using the first 4 bars that data is still there. I hit the ceiling pretty quick on what I still thing is a very small amount of data. I was about 3/4 memory full when tracks stopped copying and it was specific to tracks with the most data. Coming from early mpc territory where I never hit memory issues and never had copy and paste issues and never had song chaining issues, there’s some growing pains for me with this tool. Being that it’s only midi you would think it would be hard to max out but it’s really not and the machine starts acting up before it fully hits the ceiling at least for me.

Thans Saulstokes, in my mind, I’m really not doing that many bars or cc Info, oh well, I will have to get used to it. Now that I have got my head round the pyrimid, I’m was hoping to build 8 tunes in 1 project I can improvise arrangements and mix live for an hour or so. I’m now thinking it will have to be roughly 4 tune ideas per project or even less. Going to have to do some nice reverb and delay feedbacks to create smooth transitions whilst loading up the next few tracks!

alesis mmt8 had a small memory count. yamaha rm1x rs7000 all these great sequencers have fine ite memory. and meny great artist have come before us have made great music on these devices.
so we can make great music with the pyramid. limation is good thing makes you think out side the box.
my 2p worth

Yes totally agree, thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow!

hehe happy twiddling

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