Copy step page between projects


I dont know if its not implemented or a bug.

In project A -> track 1 -> step -> copy step page -> project B -> track 1 -> step -> clear -> paste

When doing this the previous pattern (project B, track 1) is pasted.

Thx for reading!

Hey, between two different projects ? or do you mean « sequences » ? I didn’t know you can copy and paste between projects, only between sequences, maybe I’m wrong, I haven’t worked that much with songs :wink: Anyway, ill try that tomorrow but that could a be a new bug, you should write an email to the dev team maybe

Between projects. Not sure if its not an implemented feature or a bug…

Devs do not read the forum?

I don’t know if they read the forum, but they mentioned they prefer if you contact them via e-mail if it’s a possible bug. contact [at] Not sure if it’s implemented or not, the user manual is quite « light » :wink:

Thanks for your help! Gonna send an email.

I have got the same question. Has there been any progress or new information on this topic?

I would like to copy a pattern or a track from project A to B. I am on OS 2.992. After copying the track of project A and loading project B, the memory seems to be cleared automatically. Happens also, if I try to copy from a project A to a “New” project.

To have such a inter-project copy function would be great. Have it on other units and use it quite often.

Hey, is this a Pyramid OS ? Because this topic was for Hermod in the first place :wink:

Oops you’re right. This is about Hermod and I am on Pyramid.
I was using the search function about track copy/paste issues and was happy to find a thread, which discussed this.

In the meantime I dropped an email to squarp and got an answer that such a copy/paste between projects is not possible right now :frowning: