Copy/paste issue in patterns (and projects)

I think my device has a problem (a hardware problem?)

If I have a 16 bar drum pattern and I want to copy the bar number 2 to the bar number 4…
When I press 2nd + copy + “first and last steps, zoomed accordingly”, it deletes the steps I just pressed (first and last) … and then it pastes without these notes… (in Display mode or not).
It is also not pasting more than one time (if I want it pasted into bar 3 for instance).
It doesn’t copy -at all- if I just make 2nd + copy (operation not displayed). Note : it works fine with Tracks or Patterns copy/paste ; but I can’t do the operation between Projects… After many tries out… I figured out that it was working “sometimes” when I was pressing “copy+2nd” instead of “2nd+copy”… then I see that the pyramid took the copy (it displays the operation).

I would like to copy and paste all midi informations to any place necessary.

I would also be able to copy/paste bars or parts of bars, pattern or tracks, frorm a Project to an other… without working with midi files.

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This process seems to work for me.
Are you using the latest version of PyraOS?
And just to verify:
Press&Hold [2nd] → While holding Press&Hold [Copy] → While holding Press pads 1 & 16

These are the steps you use?

I can’t think of any other reason why this wouldn’t work

If you can verify that you are Pressing & Holding, and if no one smrtr can offer better troubleshooting, perhaps you can give the gang at Squarp a msg at

If it doesn’t Copy/Paste properly the first time, it is rather unlikely it will Copy/Paste correctly in subsequent attempts. :slight_smile:

The Pyramid does not facilitate Copy/Paste between Projects in my experience.

Hello; thank you. I’m on Pyra OS 4.1. I’m pressing and holding correctly.

" Press&Hold [2nd] → While holding Press&Hold [Copy] → While holding Press pads 1 & 16"

… yes this is precisely the issue. If there is some notes and steps used on pads 1 and 16, it erases them. I mean, pressing and holding [2nd] should desactivate the step sequencer programing function, to switch to the editing function, isn’t it ?

(Assuming it happens on STEP mode)

I assume you mean 4.01 :wink:

I understand what you mean.
It doesn’t work the way you describe for me and I am also on 4.01

The phenomenon you describe happens when I’m not holding 2nd & Copy.

Does this also happen with a brand new Project?

Ok so I tried many… many times… and I figured out that after trying compulsively 4 or 5 times, pressing 2nd/copy or 2nd/paste (together or not) , it finally displays the operation confirmation.
I manage - sometimes- to copy/paste zoomed pages… but this is not a normal behavior.

Independantly, the buttons are litting properly. 2nd, or black buttons

and once again, when I use the “locator function” by pressing 2 steps to locate… It erases the steps pressed…

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