Copy & Paste Automation CC Issue

Yoooo I finally got my Hapax in! …sooo dope so far.

I do see a small but annoying issue with copy paste CC automation. I copy a step at a value of 2 and when I paste, it pastes the value at 18. I mean I can turn a knob to fix, but it’s definitely not woking as expected (or well).

It also seems to not always send the step CCs from automation (I am using it for bank select on a Hydrasynth) so it is just a wee bit noticeable. I need to test this more, but it’s Friday and I really should be making noise at the moment (I just wanted to put it out there).

BUT the possibility of per step program changes is really frickin dope! Meaning you can do soo much more than I have experienced (not much) with program changes. But possibly (getting there) change a Erica Matrix Mixer routing per step, sending sound or CV to this effect/modulation thang now and that thang then (which is just a hop skip and a step away, damn).

Anyways… copy & paste autom error.

Cheers y’all, so happy about my new brain! (obviously)

Hi @Treadway,

Would you be so ind as to report this issue through the contact form below?

We’ll need a bit more detail to try and sort it out.