Copy notes from Drum mode to Poly?

Is there a way we can get material from a drum track to a poly track?
As in, when you have notes in a drum track, but change the track mode to poly. As it is, all notes disappear when you change mode (and I can’t see any purpose for this in the first place.) So I thought, maybe I can copy/paste, as in, copy drum track, change mode to poly, then paste notes, but that does not seem to work.
This seems to me like an un-needed road block. I would like it to be permitted to start with a drum mode track, and then later change your mind, in order to be able to trigger more than 8 drums from the track. (Which is the exact situation I was in.)

But am I missing something? Is there a way to migrate from drum mode to poly mode (and vice versa)?
And also, is there a reason why we have to lose all notes if we change the track mode? If the notes just stayed there, that would absolutely be the easiest workflow.

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To answer myself:
I have not found a work-around for this limitation.

I have analysed a bit, and the situation seems to be, that there is “waterproof seals” between drum mode and poly mode. Each has its own clipboard for copy/paste. You can copy from drum track to drum track or from poly to poly, but not across modes.
So let’s say you have a four bar kick drum pattern that you want to copy to your poly track in order to build chords in the exact rythm pattern of the kick: Not possible.
Or, you have built a drum track, but want to expand beyond the 8-drum limit, so you want to change mode to poly and keep building the drum pattern, but in poly mode: Not possible.

So will send a request.:blush:

As far as I get it it’s like You describe it.
Maybe there’s no really useful workaround but under urgent circumstances we could connect a HAPAX midi out port to a HAPAX midi in port, to avoid a midi loop set
the midi in port of the midi out track to none BTW
the midi out port of the midi in track to none,
the midi out port of the midi out track to the connected midi out port and
the midi in port of the midi in track to ALL and record out track to in track… :nerd_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:
Did I miss something in the routing? Are You still with me? :sweat_smile:

Ok, I prefer to send a feature request.


How should that note copy work if you change the note numbers in the drumtrack?
Simple work around : just start programming your drums directly in a polytrack.

I think it doesn’t matter because copying drum notes to build e.g. a bass line or a sequencer line requires changing the note values ​​either way.

The drum tracks are already very comfortable. I would hate to give it up.
I would find it very useful to copy notes from and to drum tracks to keep a rhythmic basis. No matter which note values I would receive.
Editing the note values ​​shouldn’t be a problem with Hapax?

I would expect it to work like this: If you copy ALL from drum track, they will be pasted as chromatic notes (in Poly) no matter what output notes they had been assigned to.
If you copy one drum lane, you will be able to paste it to any note of your choice in Poly.

Drum lanes don’t seem to have a note value per step.

It would be awesome that there was a note offset value per step and that it could use the note learn aswell.

I usually have different sounds of same drum instrument on each note and right now I have to use the same one for the whole lane. Oxi one does have a note offset per step and its a really good workflow.

I use to do this with Octatrack but now Digitakt can also have slices with a different drum sound per note.

There’s a demand for this feature.

TR8 does have more than 8 sounds designated for a midi note to be programmed so the limitation of 8 drum tracks without the possibility of Pyramid-type determining in poly mode the names of the notes is definitely a limitation in Hapax if the function tries to represent a set of work environment.

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