Convert CV «in» to CV «out»


Est-il déjà ou sera-t-il possible avec une future mise à jour de transformer les entrées CV (A,B,C,D) en sorties CV supplémentaires et les contrôlées via le port MIDI In ?

Je souhaite synchronisé en MIDI un Digitone avec Hermod et envoyé en plus les 4 pistes MIDI (LFO,Pitch…) du Digitone vers les CV (A,B,C,D) afin de conserver les 8 autres pistes CV/Gate d’Hermod disponibles.



Good morning, sir,

Is it already or will it be possible with a future update to transform the CV inputs (A,B,C,D) into additional CV outputs and control them via the MIDI In port?

I would like to MIDI sync a Digitone with Hermod and additionally send the 4 MIDI tracks (LFO,Pitch…) of the Digitone to the CVs (A,B,C,D) in order to keep the other 8 CV/Gate tracks of Hermod available.


It’s very unlikely that’s possible due to hardware.

I’m considering getting another cvmidi module to add additional outputs - I’m looking at things like polyend poly2 … this has a nice feature that’s allows you to chain them - such that if the poly2 doesn’t handle the message it passes it on to the next module ( which could be the Hermod)
Hmm, I feel a feature request coming on … :wink:

Yes Poly2 could be a solution… but with Hermod coupled it’s too wide for me…
I’m still trying to decide between Hermold VS Hexinverter Electronics “Mutant Brain” + After later audio “uGrids” (mutable instrument grids clone) + external midi sequencer.
Is there still freeze/bug of the whole machine in a live situation with the last OS ?

Traduction :

Oui le Poly2 pourrait être une solution. Mais avec Hermod couplé, c’est trop large pour moi…
J’essaie toujours de choisir entre Hermold vs Hexinverter Electronics “Mutant Brain” + After later audio “uGrids” (petit clone du mutable instruments grids) + séquenceur midi externe.
Est-ce qu’il y a encore un freeze/bug de toute la machine en situation live avec le dernier OS ?

You could add an expert sleepers FH-2. I’ve used one connected to the midi usb out of the hermod to have hermod forward midi to it.

I’ve never had the hermod freeze… and generally found it stable.
(had it over a year - but perhaps this was an issue with older OS before that?)

hermod is quite different from your other choices, just depends what you want really…
for additional midi to cv there is a lot of choice out there…
you just need to know how much more you need e.g. there are some cheaper modules that just output midi clock n’ gates, if you need it more for drum triggers.

also we are starting to see a few modules (like rample/zoia euroburo) that are including built in midi - this is a result of TRS midi standard, which fits really nicely to eurorack - so i suspect we going to see an increase in this.

finally, things like keystep pro or beatstep pro - could give you additional cv/gate to use alongside hermod.

or perhaps the above negate your need for hermod - I dont know, as im not sure of your intended use for hermod :slight_smile: