Controlling the MPC X, LIVE or ONE with the Pyramid MK3


Do some of you have experiences with controlling the current MPCs after the 2.8. update with the Pyramid MK3? I am wondering if all the MIDI informations that the Pyramid can send can be used by / on the MPC X if the are connected with MIDI and the MPC is controlled by the Pyramid.
My plan is then to use my MPC X mainly as a sample player and sample editor and use the Pyramid as the sequenzer for it and record into an other sampler or into a DAW. Would that work as a process?
Also it would be cool if the Pyramid could record the MIDI sequenzes export them with all the informations as MIDI files, so that then i could import that MIDI sequenzes on my MPC X. Would that be possible?
Especially I am wondering if this process is also working with the MIDI effects and transitions of the Pyramid. I guess it should be possible as MIDI is a common standart, but also I am not pretty deep in the MIDIversum.


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I use the Pyramid to sequence an MPC Live. Works great with the update to 2.8.
Pyramid is connected via USB to the MPC, so I don’t need the power supply for the Pyramid. The MPC is now, as you say, a simple sample player for me.

Unfortunately I have no experience with your second question (Recording MIDI data).

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Hey laux_laux,

thanks for the reply, I ordered the Pyramid MK3 today and will just test the possibilities for my workflow, when I have it. I think it would be cool to sequenz with the Pyramid via MIDI and controll the samples on the MPC, work on them during the process, then when the arrangment is good save the MIDI on the Pyramid, export it and import it on the MPC and then play the same sample arrangements like before from the Pyramid now all on the MPC, as then its possible to have these arrangments visible through the screen and still make some changes before bouncing them to audio tracks on the MPC, which can later be used for better mastering. But anyway I am still happy for the communication of any experiences made with this combination. Maybe there are more possibilities that I cant think about now … @laux_laux are you directly recording on the MPC or are you recording outside of it?

Thats exactly what I do.
I think there is no need to export MIDI from Payramid to MPC. Just simply hit Record and set the time to, lets say, 99 bars on the MPC. MPC should now record all channels at once.

My setup is just for jamming, I’ve never recorded anything so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just bought the Pyramid for the same reason. Don’t really like MPC’s step sequencer so I will be using Pyramid for that + the Euclidian modes will be awesome for triggering MPC’s samples or other midi routings.

I am asking around if there are any Pyramid Definition Files for MPC One (or Live) that could work as a simple and clear template when starting up both devices and to simply start sequencing and playing with any drum program!

For now I will just use my own Pyramid Template project to do this. But it would be so handy to have it as a definition file… Unfortunately I do not know yet how to make one. Maybe I will soon…

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