Controlling my Digitak/Digitone sequencers from the Hapax


I’ve not had the Hapax long and wow I’m loving it. I have it hooked up to a Novation Peak, Digitone and Digitakt and Keystep. Although the Hapax can do most things, I do like the using the sequencer on the Digitakt when using sample slice mode for drums. I have managed to set the Hapax up to play the Digitakt, but I’m unsure on 2 things.

  1. Can the Hapax choose a pattern on the Digitakt to play?
  2. I read somewhere to fix timings/syncing then turn on PC which means nothing to me, could someone explain that?


Elektron devices have a “feature” where any pattern that you trigger externally from Hapax via program change takes one full bar to actually play. So you have to turn on the “Pre Send” setting on your Digitakt/Digitone tracks in Hapax:

Inside the PC menu, you will find the PRE-SEND option. If enabled, the program change will not be sent at the very beginning of the next-pattern-to-be-launched, but will be sent 1 quarter note before, useful when controlling Elektron machines patterns. Please note that if the new pattern has been launched by user just before the effective synced pattern change, Hapax will sent the according PC as soon as possible, so maybe the receiving Elektron device will not be able to process this PC in time.

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