Controlling and Sequencing VST's via USB (Logic)

I can control all my hardware synths no problem w/my Pyramid, however, tried to add a VST to a project I’m working on today for the first time and just can’t figure it out. My guess is there’s something in Logic I need to do and this ISN’T a Pyramid issue - but am running out of trouble shooting ideas.

DAW = Logic Pro X 10.6.0

I created a “software instrument” track in Logic with Ch. 12 as MIDI Channel

I have a track selected in my Pyramid project with USB 12 selected as the selected Channel

When I’m on the track in Logic I can playback the VST no problem in Live Mode and can also sequence in Step Mode etc. no problem at all. However, while still on the track in Logic when I play the project via the Pyramid, which has other tracks from other hardware synths, the Ch. 12 track in logic picks up ALL the MIDI. When I’m off the track in Logic and select another one I get nothing from Ch.12 and everything else plays as expected.

Going to “Settings > Info > MIDI OUT USB” I can see note are being sent as they should.

I’m going to keep banging at this, but since is “appears” simple was hoping someone may be able to steer me in the right direction - cheers!

Figured it out - will leave this here for posterity and to hopefully help someone from the future.

All the above was good, what I didn’t do was arm ® the VST track in logic then click on another track.

The MIC#8 track below is the software track, I armed it ® - clicked on the MIC track and boom, I’m good. Live and Learn. My use case for this particular project was I wanted to use Logic’s Sampler to trigger in my project on Pyramid fwiw.



Only just seen this. I too had the same problem and figured out as you did to arm tbe track. A problem related to that is if I had more than one vst track sequenced in Pyramid, Logic behaved irregularly and only sometimes allowed me to arm several VST tracks. Can’t figure out why it’s not consistent.

I don’t use Logic much… but don’t you just hold down CMD whilst clicking arm [ R ]
this allows you to arm as many tracks as you want.


Bugger! i forgot about that! Thank you technobear!

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Another Logic X tip when arming several software tracks is to check the ''Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording to avoid Logic triggering every software synth sound at once when Pyramid is running!


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