Control hermod decoder and buttons externally

Hi all,

Completely new to this. After playing guitar and guitar music I really developed a taste for electronic music and ways to make it. And modular seems a way to be creative without having to learn muscle memory :slight_smile:

Hermod seems like a perfect ‘can do many and total interface’ module but I am a bit hesitant due to the tiny screen and the cramped buttons/decoder.

Can or how can you use an external midi controller to skip de buttons themselves or even shortcut to specific parameter setting?

Thanks for anyone efforts.

Regards, Stefan

Hi Stefan,

Hermod cannot be controlled externally in this fashion. External signals are always processed as something to record or react upon musically, never as a “remote control” for hermod.


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Ah Thanks Thibault. Then it’s not for me. Thanks for sharing!

I use a djtt midi fighter twister and i control midi fx directly on the midi fighter without having to menu dive too much. You can’t mute/unmute tracks or fx, but keeping the hermod in tracks view or midi fx view is somehow manageable.

Mute fx and tracks directly on the hermod, change midi fx parameter on the external controller


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