Control and record the euclidian mode

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I’m new to the Pyramid. One of the things I got immediately excited about was the euclid mode. I find it a lot of fun to control its parameters and change the note via midi input.

However I can’t figure out how to record or apply these techniques so that you don’t have to play it live. It seems like I am not allowed to record the parameter changes, and I also can’t figure out how to record the incoming midi notes that make the melody.

All I’m left with is a static pattern with a single note :confused:

I found this thread, but I don’t get what is meant by “change your chords with master track.” What master track?

Is it possible to control/sequence te euclid parameters from within the Pyramid?

Alternatively, I could maybe record the output back into a different track. Is there a convenient way to do that?

No way to record the output of a track back into a new track inside the Pyramid. Maybe if you do a physical MIDI loop.

Regarding your question of master track. Look into “Master transpose track”. You can record transpositions into the master transpose track and have it transpose selected tracks.

Activate a track. 2nd+TRACK to enter settings. Activate transpose. Now this track will be transposed with the master transpose track. Create a new track. Set output to transpose. This track will now transpose. You can record notes onto this track. I think the root note default is C4. This can be change in the settings under “Transpose Note”.

While there are other ways to achieve this, this is the simplest way.
Hope this helps :wink:

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Awesome! I didn’t get to that part yet, but it is super helpful to have a master transpose track that you can sequence :slight_smile:

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