Contemplating on getting the pyramid MK3


I’m intrigued by the Squarp Pyramid and it’s sequencing and midi effects capabilities.

I currently have Digitakt, Digitone, Blackbox, BigSky, Analog Heat MKII, and Ableton Live standard.

I’m after to mainly sequence and control my hardware but also software instruments on an ipad and ableton sometimes.

My MIDI routing is done thru one box, the mioXL.

Hope you can help me answer a few questsions.

What is the difference between MK2 and MK3, or is it just software revisions?

Will Pyramid MK3 be a good fit with my current gear?

Will Pyramid be able to control Strymon Bigsky and analog Heat via midi and create automation?

Considering I use a mixed for all my midi routing how can I get more than 16 midi channels? Even if I could how do set it up, since both Digitakt and Digitone only go up to 16?

Any input and advice will be much appreciated! Thank you!

Greetings & Welcome!
Happy to hear you’re thinking about a Pyramid.
It’s become the one device I’m most passionate about currently.
Apologies in advance if some of my responses are rather nebulous. I’m not trying to be adversarial or difficult, there’s just SOOO many options it can be overwhelming.

Plus as Electronic Musicians we have such a wide range of options for our workflow. This is good, and this is bad because no one solution works for everyone.

That being said, here goes:

Same software, different (updated) hardware, most notably the blacked out buttons. All hardware versions run the same PyraOS and as far as I know, the only difference are a few hardware cosmetic things and possibly where they’re built and/or who built them…(?)

Sorry. This is where it gets frustrating: It could be. Or it could not be.
I can say it’s generally easier to understand than an Elektron device (read: much more digestible learning curve). But if you have limited experience with MIDI there are some concepts that might be painful. At least those concepts are universal in MIDI, so you’ll have to learn it sooner or later (although you probably already know all that stuff if you are familiar with your current gear and how to sync it all).

I’d suggest reading the manual and pondering how you’d set things up and how you’d control them, understanding that once you get ‘hands on’ you may likely change your mind.

But truly to do “a thing” there are many routes to get there.

Maybe someone who does that already can pipe up, but the Pyramid sends out MIDI. If those things can listen to MIDI, then you can control and automate them. The homework is left to the user.

There are 16 Channels per port in MIDI. 16 Channels is a limitation of the spec. The Pyramid has 3 ports (2 DIN + 1 USB‡) so you have 48 Channels to work with.

The Pyramid has 64 Tracks. If you think of Tracks as a destination for MIDI Data, that means you can, and most likely will, use more Tracks than Channels. It’s a common technique to use multiple Pyramid Tracks to send data to a single MIDI Channel, such as Notes on one Track, CC Automations on another.

But again: 48 MIDI Channels divided into 16 over 3 Ports.

‡ Using the USB as a Port gets trickier since that is also where the Power goes. I personally operate the Pyramid connected to a powered USB Hub, which is plugged into a BomeBox, so the Pyramid is powered by and sends & receives MIDI via the USB Port. So…Your Mileage May Vary.

Hopefully that was enough info for now.
Perhaps someone with better social skills might chime in with better info.
Again: I’d suggest reading the manual, watch a few videos. There are plenty of us Elektron users here (I use an Octatrack currently) to assist you with setups and stuff if you run into problems.



Thank you for the welcome and the detailed reply! Much appreciated!

Will order directly from Squarp so i guess i will get the MK3 version then.

MIDI is for sure a heavy topic, but it won’t be a problem learning, as long as i know the Pyramid has the capability i will learn the rest. :slight_smile:

Both Analog Heat and Big Sky is connected via MIDI and i can automate them with Digitone/Digitakt via Midi tracks, so the Pyramid will most likely handle that with easy and more. :slight_smile:

Manual downloaded and playlist made on youtube!

I will be connecting the pyramid’s DIN in/out into the mioXL and route it from there, are there any benefits of connecting the Pyramid directly to the computer ? If not it will be connected to the mioXL as well since it has 10 USB host ports.

Thank you again for taking the time, i was set on buying a SL61 MK3 to sequence my gear but found out it was quite limited, even compared to my Digitakt/Digitone. Will get the Pyramid instead and later add a master midikeyboard of good quality for playing. I have the keystep which will work well with the Pyramid.

I think that would depend on your workflow. I offered that info as an example of power and data via usb, i think.

Thank you!

Is it only MIDI data ? Or can you transfer midi files (projects etc) over the USB between the Pyramid and the computer ?

Just data (playing, etc).
Transferring files requires popping the SD Card into a computer.

See Import/Export in the manual on that bit.

OK, great thanx! Then i will simply connect to my mioXL and forgo the computer!