Connecting Squarp Hapax to DAW and MPCX

Hi May someone help, I have my Squarp via usb connected to my DAW, which works fine. I am also trying to connect via midi din in and out to my MPCX and have it all working together. Any help on the settings both in the Squarp and MPCX to achieve this?

You need to be a bit more specific about what you want to acheive. What gear would be master clock, give transport ?

Hi sorry, I would like the Squarp to be master, of everything including abelton if possible.
I have not found a way to link the record button from abelton with any device.


I don’t use Live so I don’t know if you can map its record button (midi or whatever), sorry.

You have to set Hapax midi clock to internal. Also set midi output you use to send midi clock and transport. AKAI Force and Live have to be set as a midi slave (external midi clock).

Use a USB cable between Hapax and your computer and a midi DIN cable between Hapax and Force (Hapax midi out to Force midi IN).

It should be ok :wink:

Also not an ableton user, but in bitwig if you sync to external midi, it will get transport start/stop. I think the record button will still be manual.

I’ve been trying out syncing the hapax from bitwig using audio to CV and that is working pretty well and this is possible from ableton too. You can set the hapax to either use it as sync or sync+play. I know you want the hapax to be the master for everything, but this seems to be a good way to get sync from a daw to the hapax.

Thanks for your help

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