Connect pyramid to a pc -> usb 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0?

I got my Pyramid connected to my pc with a USB 1.0 cable (I still had that one laying around), but sometimes the midi interface is not recognized correctly by Windows. This happens when I switch on the Pyramid when my pc is already running. When I boot my pc while the Pyramid is switched on already during booting, Windows does recognize the Pyramid midi interface correctly.

Now I’m wondering, could this happen because of the old v1.0 usb cable? Do I need an USB 2.0 cable?
Could this also decrease (midi) latency? I don’t experience any latency so far, except when I press play on the Pyramid, which sends the play command to my DAW and the Pyramid syncs the clock to the DAW. But this could be a wrong setting. I had to turn on ‘ignore start/stop’ in the midi input settings of the Pyramid, otherwise I had a weird midi loop which triggered the start on the Pyramid every 0,00001 second :stuck_out_tongue: Now it works fine, but sometimes there is like 0,5 seconds latency when I press start. Also the first beat is not really in sync. But after 2 beats it works fine. Does anyone know how to fix this? Or does this also have something to do with the USB 1.0 cable?

My setup:
Pyramid <–usb midi–> PC (FL Studio) <–usb midi–> Roland MX-1 mixer (which splits up midi signal through usb and normal midi cable to and from multiple synths)

i doubt its your cable…

first problem ,sounds more like its your pc/windows setup issue.

second, yeah, with clock/transport messages you need to be clear who is ‘master’ and who is slave, you can only have one master. you need to check your settings on your daw, and also make sure there are no midi loops.

generally with midi clock, you will need to wait a short while for it to ‘sync’ when the clock starts
this is why there is the option on the pyramid of sending clock even when the transport is stopped… that way your daws clock is still in sync, even when the transport is not playing.

(usually i use the pyramid as the midi master clock, but often when using a daw it makes more sense for the daw to be master, and slave the pyramid to it)

Yes, I want my DAW to be the master, but the Pyramid must send start/stop to my daw. The other way round as well.

hmm, i always have the master clock also being in charge of the transport.

but the pyramid has separate controls for transport (start/stop) , so perhaps is ok?! … though you might get a midi look, if you have both receiving and sending turned on… as i said, not really something id do.

as i said, you initial latency issue is solved by telling your master (your daw in this case) to send clock even if its not running the transport. (this is what you can also do on the pyramid, if it was the master)

I got the daw as master and it sends clock to the pyra.
The only thing that doesn’t work well is sending transport from pyra to daw (with daw as master). But its not a big deal.

What about latency differences between usb 1, 2, 3.0?