Computer editions?

Hi there, I’m new here on squarp community.
I’m very interested by Pyramid, as I seek to go from computer-centric way to machine-sequencer centric, on stage.
I made a lot of live performance with computer as the center (ALPHA, FRGMENTS, etc) and I’ll let the computer for end mix / final master out + visuals.

So, some questions and opinions requests, if I may:

  • Is it possible to edit midi sequence on the computer and to send/store them on Pyramid ?
  • Can we connect Pyramid to Expert Sleepers FH or like (Control by Endorphin . es) ? (only 1 CV + 1Gate on Pyramid is still not enough for me even if I don’t need thousand CV)
  • Is there a framework to code/design small sequence generators and to embed in Pyramid ?

Any ideas & more would be very appreciated.

Hi and welcome! Quick answers:

• Yes.

• Yes.
There’s also other Midi to CV/gate options. I like this guy, but I don’t have the device:
Have a look around, there are many other options.

• No, unfortunately not. But what do you want to achieve exactly? If you want to go wild, you could always fire up an Arduino or some hardware that runs PureData or likewise to interface with Pyramid. There, the coding fun is endless.

Hey, you can use modules like fh1 or similar.i think a true midi to cv module serves you better like the vermona one, because you don’t run into grounding noise problems or similar.

I didn’t have any pb like “grouding noise” with expert sleepers modules, btw.

I didn’t have grounding noise with ES-3 so far - but grounding noise from different systems (skiffs) patched between both and having two power busses…

this is the eternal problem of ground loop.

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sorry to interject but has anybody bothered to use direct boxes? there’s a switch on even the cheapest ones I have that solve this problem…there’s also a pad 0dB,20dB,40db.The DI converts unbalanced to balanced…try em your soundman will love you.If used in conjunction with a cheap A/B you can effectively turn your rig off with the stomp of the foot.(secretly install this devices on the guitar and bass players rigs) your sound man will buy you drinks and chatup the girls for you and…drive you home safe after your night out.and…load all your gear back in the house and possibly pay your rent for month.

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