Compatible SD Cards?

Hi all!

New Pyramid user here trying to get the unit to recognize the SD card I inserted.
I’m using a SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB card, but the unit keeps saying ‘Please insert SD Card’ whenever I try to access the Save / Load menu.

Do I need to format the card in any particular way or is this card not compatible?
Couldn’t find anything in the manual about card requirements, and no threads here on the forum.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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I don’t know if the pyramid has limitation on one partition size… might be worth trying a smaller partition if one big partition doesn’t work.
or just use a smaller sdcard - midi files are always pretty small, so that card is a bit overkill :wink:


I use a very old 512 MB(!) SD card. I have lots of projects on it already, and when I back it up it seems as if there is almost nothing on it. As a side note: Be aware that some SD controllers cannot access cards larger than 32 GB. I don’t know the limitations of the Pyramid, though.

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Thank you both for the replies!

I thought I had bought a card close to the one Squarp sells branded in their store, but I just realized I misread the size as 64gb. (The card squarp sells is 4gb.)

Agree that 64 is totally overkill but the cards are so cheap now. Anyways, just ordered a 4gb card instead! Hopefully that will work better!

Again, thank you!

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I use a 16GB SD card (that was the smallest I could buy) and it works fine. And after a year, creating 30 songs (projects), I’ve reached 1,5 MB on it :slight_smile:

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Happy to report that the 4GB card worked perfectly, without any pre-formatting.

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Hey halt_run :slight_smile:

Did your first SD card still work in your laptop ? I am getting the ‘Please insert SD Card’ message but my SD card still works fine in my laptop. My SD card came with the squarp and this is the first time it has stopped working since I got it 18 months ago. It is formatted correctly.

Any help would be greatl

I’ve asked Support a similar question about which SD cards were supported, if there s a minimum RW rate requirement, etc.

The response I got back was “You can use any kind of SD card, but before, please format your SD card in FAT32. I don’t know the R/W speed.”

Had also suggested they update the user manual because as I’m sure others will be inquiring. They said they would. That was around June '18. Had not checked if the manual now reflects it.

If your SD card is empty then I’d suggest reformatting to FAT32 and try again. No harm.


I just bought a new card but it will only stay in the machine when pushed in. It won’t stay in on it’s own like the Squarp card. Both SD cards are San Disk. I can see and load my projects when the card is pushed in but it won’t say in even with tape around it. Head melted!

If the socket on the Pyramid locks properly with a SD card then one could rule out the card socket as the root cause, right? Try it with another card.

Now if you experience the same issue with multiple cards then I’d suspect the card socket. Check the socket cavity for any foreign debris with a flashlight, there may be a broken tab or something stuck inside.

Thanks for your reply! I checked the socket like you said and there doesn’t seem to be anything jammed in it. I also purchased the Extreme SD card which is the same type as the Squarp card but that didn’t lock either.

The only difference I can see between the Squarp card and the Extreme one is a little lock button on the side that is not on the Squarp card. So I ordered a new card from Squarp. Hopefully it will do the job and arrive asap but until then no Pyramid fun for me :frowning:

I think the ‘locking’ is done by a little notch on the side of the sd card (opposite side to read/write lock)
this should be on all sdcards I think.

but are you using microSDs in an sd card adapter , or a real sdcard?

I thought these days, everyone uses microSD card in an adapter.

if squarp provided an adapter (which I thought they did) , then why not use their adapter with your microSD card?
(I use microsd cards with an adapter, sandisk, and they all work fine)

can you post a picture of what squarp supplied (and works) , and what you have ?

speed is pretty irrelevant, the pyramid does not stream to sdcard, merely loads/saves projects from/to it, these are really small… you won’t notice any difference with a faster or slower card, so save your money :slight_smile:

The card Squarp provided me is full size, no adapter.

Attached is a comparison between two cards, the one on the right doesn’t lock in place but the left one does. Notice the arrow pointing to the corner on the right, the tab is broken off which prevents it from locking into place. That missing corner is probably stuck in the cavity of some SD socket.

The photo was copied from this YouTube video which also shows how to remove the broken piece from a socket.

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Got it sorted. I followed the video and now it works with an SD adapter with a micro card. It’s not perfect as it can take a few attempts to lock it in so I am hoping the Squarp card will work better when it arrives next week.

Thanks everyone!!!

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I’ve tried 2 different 64GB Sandisk SD cards. Formatted first and still getting the “Please Insert card” message.

Do I need to get a smaller card. 32Gb? 16GB?

If they were SDXC they might not be compatible. Try to find an SDHC in 16gb size.

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Thanks for the tip, appreciated. I’ll give that a go.

SanDisk Ultra 16GB work great, much better load/save speed.