Colored knobs for the pyramid?

Been thinking about customizing a little bit…
anybody know the correct knobs sizes to order? Was thinking about getting some colored ones.
Was kinda thinking about painting the unit too… but that feels scary.
Anybody know any good customization tricks out there?

I’m always fond of custom machines, they tell a story.

Wrt knobs, any D-shaft knobs should be fine. A popular choice for customisation are the DJTT Chroma caps, but you can go for pretty much anything that floats your boat.

Now, wrt to painting, I’d love to see that! And if anything goes awry, you can always shoot us an email, and we can arrange to send you a new or B-stock pyramid enclosure.


Earlier this year I purchased some Chromacaps for mine

I got the standard Encoder type in various colours. They did fit well but were a little higher off the enclosure than the stock ones, so left a small gap.

Being rubberised, they were so much nicer to use, but I really could not get over colours being too bright and primary school.

So I bought another set from chromacaps but all in black.
I keep toying with the idea of putting one of the colours back, maybe for the main encoder.

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thanks for the knobs link!! Def gonna get some knobs while i work my way up to painting the thing. :slight_smile:
Its tempting knowing i can get my hands on a replacement case. Its going to be rattling around in my head now… so im sure ill do it. Ill let you know how it turns out.

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