Clock output starts when transport is stopped, can you replicate this issue? (fixed in 1.021)

Since firmware update 1.02, I noticed that the clock sent from Hermod starts when the transport is stopped and stops when the transport starts.
Can you replicate this issue ?

Hermod in slave mode, receives clock from an external device. Clock set to USB device.
CV clock out set to “gate 8” (or any other gate)

And when the clock output runs, it often stops and restart, well it’s unstable… Sorry, hard to explain :slight_smile:

Same here with MIDI external master. 1.02…

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Thanks for your reply. I already notified Squarp but now I know I’m not the only one having this issue, that’s a real bug

I just upgraded to 1.02, and as soon as I set “CV clock out” to a gate, the clock runs all the time, whether I have the sequencer stopped or not. This also happens when I load a preset where CV clock out is set. I’ve restarted Hermod, but no difference. I use Hermod as my clock master, and right now, It’s unusable :frowning:

My clock settings are:

Clock source: Internal
CV reset: Off
CV clock div: 1/4
CV clock out: gate 8
Clock out div: 1/32

Here’s a video of both the CV clock out issue plus a separate MIDI issue I’ve been having since 1.0:

I’m also going to email support, again.


As you can Elberstein see it we are not alone.
I also made an email to Mathieu, the creator of Hermod.
Thank Cowboy.
To be continued

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Also it appears that bpm out is different to what the internal one is! Cv and midi. internal midi set at 130bpm on the hermod results in a bpm of 128 on the OP-1 and pamela!

Hi guys,
Thanks for the feedback !

Very sorry about this, it seems we let that bug slip through … We will publish a quick fix ASAP !


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@squarpadmin please check the numerous other bugs that we found thanks

This is a serious issue. I mention something similar in the thread Record CV dropping gates when unquantized and UI glitches In my case the midi controller was plugged to the “USB device input” and I noticed that Hermod was sending a duplicate Note On instead of a Note on - Note off pair. Do you have the possibility to route a “Midi out” to a computer and check with “Midi Monitor” if that’s also the case in your setup ?