Clock latency (28ms)

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  • I’m sending a midi clock (and SPP) from my DAW (Reaper) to Hermod+ via the USB Device port
  • Then I record back the midi notes played by Hermod in Reaper with the same USB cable
  • I tried record audio to : Hermod’s gate to Reaper via my audio interface (Fireface UC)

I notice a fixed latency of 28 milliseconds. It’s a lot.
I’m doing something wrong ?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I have better results sending midi clock via the Fireface’s MIDI output : 4 milliseconds.
I’d prefer to use the USB output, so I don’t have to use the interface.

Any ideas ?

EDIT : MMhh… Sometimes I have 4ms, sometimes 25ms with the midi output too… I don’t understand

Ok, I finally understand :
The first MIDI Clock pulse after playback was missing. This results in a latency equal to the duration of a PPQN. And the duration of a pulse depends on the BPM. 1 PPQN = (60/BPM)/24 ms

It’s the same with Reaper or Pro Tools.
I don’t know if it’s a Hermod’s issue, or a DAW’s issue…
I solved the problem by enabling a very small pre-roll before playback/recording on Reaper (0.001 measures length).

There is a link to Reaper forum with full explanation

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It’s not a DAW issue. I’m encountering the same with Octatrack. Hermod+ is working as slave in this setup. I play some kick samples on Octatrack and Hermod is triggering Modbap Trinity. It’s clearly audible that they dont align. The lower the tempo the longer the gap is.

Edit: I submitted a bug report.

Yes you are right.

I wrote to support to report the problem.
They replied (very quickly) that it was indeed a Hermod+ bug.
They then corrected the bug in a beta version, and I tested it : no more latency issues :sunny:

I suppose that the fix will arrive soon in a public update.

Squarp support is really great :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone!
Indeed, there was an issue, Hermod+ was ignoring the first clock of sync in, resulting in a start latency depending on the BPM.
This issue will be fixed in the soon-to-be-released new OS, but you can send us an email if you want the beta now.
Have a nice day!


Just a heads up that the Octatrack has midi latency issues. The problem might be that… I don’t have mine to check anymore (one of the reasons I sold my OT).

Im having the same issue its definitely a bug. Hopefully this gets fixed soon in next firmware update. Its driving me nuts.

I’m using the beta version, and this issue is solved.
If you don’t want wait, you can send a email to Squarp Team. They can send you the beta version too.

The beta version does get rid of latency? Thank God! Been driving me nuts. Literally only complaint i have had with hermod otherwise what else can i say its a full on brain lol.