Clock Divider and Multiplier

Hello There
Have any of you found an option/work around for clock divider or multiplier. The only option that has worked for me is when the track is using Euclidean effect, to use another Euclidean with a different time division.

I can’t believe this amazing sequencer is missing such a basic feature, or am I wrong?


I tend to use either the Arpeggiator or Euclid effect to output a faster/slower set of gates. This can be modulated which makes it quite flexible.

Otherwise I use the track itself and reduce the number of steps with a gate on step 1. So 3 steps for 1/3 clock. You can also do the same by reducing the number of steps down to 1 and then zoom in to place triggers to get faster clocks.

But if you’re wanting a Track to play faster or slower than the project tempo then that isn’t possible and I really hope it’s in a future update. Hapax has Track Elasticity which is cool as you can speed up / slow down in very slight increments which can yield in very interesting polyrhythmic sequences - though it is (was?) limited to 50% slow and 200% fast. Either way, hopefully something like that might be added to H+?