Clear CC automations simply?

I’m jamming on lots of stuff with CCs assigned to the XY pad and I like to just audition a whole bunch of different ways until I like what I hear. After I record automations witht he XY pad, is there a quick way to removw what I just did and start over? What if I go back to it after a few minutes and want to only remove CCs? I chcked the manual and I’m not sure I saw anything mentioned. Maybe I missed it?

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Do you want to remove the CC Assignations on the XY Pad or delete recorded CC Data on a Track?

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If you just do 2nd + Delete that’ll delete what you just did and allow you to play around and perfect how you’d like to “draw” the automation.

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Delete CC data on a track.

But doesn’t 2nd + Delete also completely delete the notes in the sequence also?

I don’t believe so, if you’re in Step Mode then click + hold Step and wheel to get to “CC Messages” it will only delete the automation data - if you were in Step + “Note” then it’d delete notes - that’s how I perfected CC data for a pitch wheel on a track I was messing w/a few weeks ago, don’t have in front of me - may be worth testing out in a test project first though, I don’t want responsibility for deleting your notes :joy:


What @MintPillow said:
Step Mode
Scroll to the CC in question

Doing [2nd]+[Delete] in Live Mode will Delete Note and CC Events it seems

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