Clear all midi CC automation on a track?

Is it possible to clear all midi CC automation on a given track?

I was experimenting with exporting midi files from Ableton to bring over to the Pyramid and control my hardware synths from there. Things mostly worked, but each midi file seemed to come with some automation. I could go through each step and manually find each animated channel, but that gets pretty tedious pretty quickly for multiple tracks. Is there any way to just nuke all the CC automation on a given track? Also, if I’m doing something wrong exporting the midi files in the first place, and you happen to know what it is, I’d love to know that, too. Thank you.

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I wish it were possible to delete all the CC data in one function, but as far as I’m aware, there is no function on the Pyramid to do this.

My workflow is to Zoom as far out as possible, select the CC I want to delete with the Main Encoder, then use [2nd]+[Delete] and that clears out that CC from all visible steps. (If the Track is longer than one window Zoom’d all the way out, I have to do this several times, of course)

However, if you have many different CC’s with Events, this would be cumbersome. If you only want to keep the Note Events, then I’d bop over to the Notes in Step Mode and Copy those to a new Track and nuke the old Track.

Note: If you are exporting MIDI Clips from Ableton with CC Automation in them, then I think Ableton will put the CC data in the Clip, no? Sorry - I only use Ableton and exporting for the coarse resolution while composing, if at all.


Thank for the tips!

Thinking back on it, it wasn’t an original midi file to me, and I was just using Ableton to break it into different tracks. Maybe there were some CC changes embedded that I didn’t know about. I’m pretty new to both ableton and the pyramid, so a lot of this is experiementing to see how/if things will work)

I’m going to try again soon with something I make out of whole cloth. Hopefully won’t have the same issue.

Thanks again!

filter mode - at bottom
allows you to jump between CCs that have data assigned to them, so this is a quick way to check CC data

Another option is filtering CC data during recording, either by loopbacking the Pyramid to itself or using playback for Ableton export, instead of moving the .mid file. The Pyramid itself can do this (block CC in MIDI IN settings) or you can use an event processor.

Whether this is usable/useful in any particular scenario such as this … depends, but it’s a possibility.

Thanks! At this point I’m just playing around to see what I can/can’t do, so all of this advice is really handy.

For anyone interested, it turns out that the CC messages were in the file I’d downloaded. Making them from scratch and exporting I had no trouble.

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