Clarification on Def File Management for Multitimbral Synths?

As I’m reading through the manual and making some minor adjustments to my first setup, I understand the following:

Max 16 definition files. (So 16 instruments.)

If I’m understanding this correctly, say I have my Digitone on channels 1-4, and my Virus on 5-8. But to do this I sacrifice 6 instruments as far as the def files?

The Pyramid defaults to a 1:1 mapping of midi channel to definition file.

Here are my questions:

  1. Does this mean if I want def files for my synths, I create a file each for every Track:MIDI channel pairing I would like defined? I just created digi[1-4].txt and virus[4-8].txt files and loaded those up into my first project. But… this feels clunky. Is there a better method for multitimbral synths?

  2. Am I correct that the 16 def files in question are specific to each MIDI output, in other words, 16 for A, 16 for B, 16 for USB… etc.? (If so, then this suddenly feels a helluva lot less confining!)

One multitimbral synth per chain can be handled conviently by using zero as the channel to denote “output chain default” in the definition, see the tip at end of Pyramid Manual | Squarp instruments.

16 is the total limit of instrument definitions, but you can get more instruments out of it with the multitimbral trick.