Chromatic Multisamples

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Straight to the point:

Is it possible to use CV in set to pitch and have the appropriate sample/note layer trigger?

If yes, what would be the appropriate file naming for this to work?


I assume you are talking to about the Rample?
(Ive moved to appropriate category, assuming this is the case)

there is a limited form of this, see the manual

in particular “Chromatic midi mode / keyboard split”

its limited though, rample is not a fully fledged multi-sampler.

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Hello! Yes I was talking about the Rample.

Sorry, I really thought I had posted in the appropriate category.

Thanks, I will try it out!

Hopefully - taking advantages of the layers per SP - an option that would interpret incoming quantized voltage/pitch and choose the appropriate sample-layer/note (by layer filename) will be possible in the future. This could be another layer mode added to cycling, random, manual, etc. 12 layers/12 notes – perfect. Would be awesome.

Best regards, thank you for helping!

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Am I missing something? (that is quite common, sorry)
Apologies in advance for the mild rambling:

Cannot one route CV to Layer with each Layer 1-12 be a different Note?
Gate Triggers the SP, CV selects the Layer/Note?

Sorry - I don’t CV.
This would be straightforward with MIDI - adding an Event Proc would actually be able to make it feel organic. Pitch Up/Down (+/-12) would add 2 more octaves even, no?

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Seems like at the moment this isn’t possible. What it can do is re-pitch/stretch a sample quantized to incoming pitch/cv value. Maybe in future update, who knows…

I guess best thing meanwhile to get something close is to load in the 12 independent notes/layers and have it set to cycle or random – SP1 could have the common notes for the major, pentatonic and minor scales and the remaining three SPs could each have the specific notes for one of those scales and a few more of the common notes (different octaves/velocity/…). I’ll be trying this soon.

Still a pretty cool module!


yeah, to do multilayer samples, you need a few things.
you need be able to split up layers using v/oct (accurately)
then you wont have one layer per note, so you have to re-pitch from the closest layer, taking into account the v/oct

so whilst you could you cv input to select layers (or slices) there are a fews issues.
its not scaled v/oct, there’d be no pitch scaling so you’d need a layer (or slice) for every note… so thats going to get you a pretty limited range of notes.

its definitely worth sending as a feature request to squarp via contact form.
as I suspect its not that difficult to do, and would be a great addition.
(I think big difficulty might be how to fit it into the UI :wink: )

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Thanks for the explanation.

I can imagine each of the 12 layers/SP being a different note in a chromatic scale and the v/oct relationship be ignored so any would-be (for example) C note voltage - whatever octave - would always trigger the same layer (chromatic layer C). An internal quantizer on the Rample could be a matter of turning off certain layers. This could make for interesting results – a slow LFO would arpeggiate up a few times (you would always come back to first-and-only C note) and after some time (LFO descending curve) would arpeggiate down a few times. A S&H signal would trigger any note and require no attenuation as any interval of exactly 1 v/oct would give the same sample-note.

Maybe have a mode where all 4 SPs would be a different octave volt range and require only 1 CV to run through all the SPs.

I’m just thinking out loud now, sorry. I will definitely send Squarp a feature request!

Thanks again.


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