Chord Strum, Roll and Accumulate FX idea's

I’m waiting for my Hapax in September but I would love to see an effect that lets you strum chords like you would on a guitar, the ability to control the speed of the strum would also be great, the only place I’ve seen this available in midi is the Stereoping expander for my Waldorf Microwave.

I would also like the Hapax to have the different Roll types that my Tracker has, Rolls that increase/decrease in pitch and velocity at different time multiplications would be fantastic. Really handy for breaks/jungle style tracker sequencing.

One other amazing sequencing tool I would love to have is the note Accumulate function the Cirklon and Intellijel Metorpolix sequencers have, this would make a great effects section addition, if the Hapax had these three I think it could could be my only sequencer, greatly simplifying my setup.

Is there anywhere to see what feature requests have already been asked for?

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strumming should be achievable, to the extent that Hapax and Pyramid’s FX largely overlap

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that cool, didnt think about strumming using random, seems like a bit of a work around though. The stereoping controller lets you strum like at 8.37 in this video, the strum here seems more pronounced and you have greater control over the speed:

I think the hapax already has lots of options in this area…
arps that can be modulated, chance, conditional trigs, transposition

of course, some might want this all in one ‘out of the box’ fx, but there is an argument for modularity (i.e. building with different fx, and using modulation lanes) to gain more flexibility.
its rather a different approach.

you say, you don’t have the Hapax yet… Id say best bet is when you get with it, is to approach with an open mind, and play with different approaches. you might not get exactly the same, but close enough, or perhaps something thats different but still cool :wink:

then of course, once you have that experience , and understand the hapax ‘approach’, you’d be in a good place to send feature requests for ‘missing elements’ to the Squarp team via the contact form