Chord smartpads - brilliant but limited (Or I'm lost)

Hello there,

I love the smart pad chord jamming using the internal harmonic sequence and I know you can change the chord it starts from, ace! But I can’t find (other than using a scale fx), a way to set the key that the chords follow. Ie, my track is in A Maj but there is no A maj, only A min. I also know that you can input your own chords, but I was hoping that some of the technical theory stuff was taken care of. Anyhow, hope that makes sense, any suggestions out there please? Other than write in a different key :wink:

In LIVE CHORD mode, hold 2ND while you turn the main encoder to change the root by semitone, but it’ll retain its major/minor-ness while doing so. So for instance start on C Major and hold 2ND and turn the main encoder to the left 3 spots to find A Major.

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Thank you thank you thank you! You’ve restored my faith, I just wish I could find these minor points in the manual, if it’s in there, its well hidden, or I’m just not seeing it. Anyhow, a world of possibilities have just opened up thanks to your reply! Cheers :slight_smile:

It’s right there in chord smartpad section:

The manual is both terse and dense, you’ll want to re-read it multiple times and then re-read a few times more. I still discover new and rediscover forgotten things on the occasional re-read after two years of (light) use.


Ive read the manual on this a few times and Im still not getting how to get more complex chords or possibly borrowed chords, does that exist?

For example, I get a Cmin with 4 notes and pick an inversion but what if I’d like that to be a Cmin9, and maybe the Eb chord is suspended or a minor. It says that you can hold down the main knob and the chords get more and more complex, but mine just stop at Blues chords. For the record, I updated my Pyramid to the latest version.

I’m looking for this (from manual) “Increasing complexity will add «alterations» and eventually bring you to complex jazzy chords.”

Is it better to ask Squarp directly about this stuff? I watched their video and they just did a Cmaj to Cmin chord and didnt get much more advanced than that. Let me know if my question above doesn’t make any sense.

Hi there, you are correct that you can increase complexity the way you say, though I doubt it holds “all” the chords, and indeed has only so many. But there is a custom chord setting as well, and in that you can create up to around 32 custom chords to be played from the smart pads. I’m unsure if these are project based, but have a play and see what you can do.

Thanks! Yeah I guess I expected the chord names to change in the display and say things like Gmin9 or something like that. So when I turned the dial I couldn’t really tell what was getting more complex.

I need to learn how to do the custom chords for sure. I think that could help me out. Also maybe using the Step display so I can see the notes being played for each chord I am messing with.

What if I have a MIDI file with a chord progression, can I import that to the Squarp and then somehow Isolate the chords so they are each on their own smart pad? That would be really cool. I have a nice collection of short MIDI chord progression files that I’d love to do this with.