Chord Polyphony?

Hi all - just curious on how many notes I could sequence in a chord? I know that the chord mode seems to play just 4. If I used the sequencer or played in the chord on a Piano, could I get more notes?

Depends what you mean. If you hold down 15 notes on your external keyboard (or in Live mode) and recorded that into the Hapax, it would record, and play back those 15 notes.

I think the Chord mode just has some pre-selected chords, some of which play 3, 4, or even 5 and 6 notes (if you play around with the modifiers)

But if you just mean recording and playing back, I don’t think there is actually a limit to the amount of notes you can play at once.

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Ok thanks. I was not sure if I could make my own chords in the sequencer as well. There is no note preview so that seems like it may be a bit clunky.

Chord mode is in Live mode, so it plays the chords when you press the buttons if that helps.

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It’s not a progression or predetermined set of chords that get mapped like you’d see in MPC’s chord pads or the chord banks in the J-6. You don’t add your own chords because it doesn’t store them in any series you can load later, outside of what you put in the sequencer.

The chord mode here is a series of chord modifiers and a keyboard. You toggle the chord structure you want (x number of notes, y scale mode, etc), then use another pad to modify the voicing, then play it in on the keyboard (or paste it from the clipboard to the sequencer). So for example you might be playing major triads, then modify to spread them out, or to play a sus4 version, or both of those.

Also I just reread the concern; in this mode there is live note preview.