Chord mode and CV Out routing

What happens in Chord mode and trying to use the CV Outs to create chords with a single VCO on each pitch CV Out? Would love if the extra notes gets distributed to the next CV out if the first one is already busy/sending.
Can anyone try this out? I am in the June batch and can´t try it myself.
THEN it would be so cool if there where different setting to dynamically allocated extra notes, round robin, random, etc.

This does not happens afaik, since the track is allocated a single cv/gate - so you’d need to send an FR to Squarp.

perhaps they can do something similar to how Hermod does it, with various modes … so you can also do things like decide if to use a cv for velocity.

But you need to chat with Squarp, as they may consider this ‘out of scope’ … few have poly eurorack systems ( expensive!) , and really with only 4 gate/cv … it’s not great for large eurorack systems, where users very likely have other midi-> cv modules, and starts overlapping with Hermod.
So important to get Squarp’s take on this… and have far they’ll got with cv and hapax.

I am not sure chord mode using Hapax’s CV outs is the most efficient. It might be worth a midi to CV module to reduce the necessary wiring from the Hapax to the modular. Mutant Brain, among others, can do poly if you’re into that sort of thing.


yeah, that was my thoughts…
I find the Hapax great for a small euorack setup - but as soon as you start getting a bit bigger, having 4 x cv/gate patch cables trailing to the rack is a bit unwieldy…

I just find it easier to have a single midi cable going from hapax to hermod… and I previously did some timing, and really didnt find more latency with midi than cv…
I think the main benefit of cv is really the increased resolution (obviously 7bit midi is ‘stepped’) , but even there a lot of the time its fine…
(does mean my poor old hermod is often just used as a glorified midi->cv interface :wink: )