Changing pitch on one step (elektron seq style trigless key/Tune)

I have the Hapax for 2 weeks and really enjoying the experience so far :slight_smile:

I’m trying to achieve the following behavior but can’t find how: I would like to change the pitch (tune) by semitones of one step only like you can do on the Elektron sequencer (trigless key). Maybe i’m dumb but can’t find how to achieve this or maybe it is not possible or I’m not using the right method…

Any tips please?

you mean without triggering the env on the synth?
(otherwise, just hold the step down, and change the note ?)

that’s not really possible on a midi sequencer (including elektrons :wink: )

the simple reason is, midi specifies note pitch through note-on,
which also will (usually) trigger an envelope on the synth .
the only way pitch can change is via pitchbend which affects ALL notes. (excl mpe)

though Im going to show how it is possible… with limitations (and for a particular setup)

a) overlapping notes
your mono synth MAY support (with relevant setting etc) the ability to not re-trigger notes if they overlap.

b) use pitchbend
there are two issues with this
i) to do this ‘properly’, the sequencer needs to know the pitch bend range the synth is using.
since sending +16384, means a different offset depending on pitchbend range e.g. your synth might be using +/- one semi , two semi or 48semis… even asymmetric !
ii) it only works on monophonic notes (or MPE)
as normal poly changes ALL voices are affected by pitchbend.
it’d also be screwed up by any other pitchbend automation

so not really something midi sequencers can handle, as its a fundamental limitation of normal midi 1.0, and the way synths work.

BUT you can workaround using above solutions in a specific use-case, where you know how that synth is particularly setup.

(*) Id need to go check my Octatrack to see exactly what it sends on a trigless trig note change…
it doesn’t have pitchbend range , as far as I remember…
so, its either
i) sending a note on, and hoping its a mono synth with no-retrig - dodgy behaviour
ii) assuming a fixed pitchbend range - extremely dodgy behaviour
iii) do nothing … correct behaviour, but not what you want :wink:

of course, the octatrack can do it when sequencing audio/samples… because its monophonic, and it also has direct control of pitch.

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