Changing octaves with offset module

hey Squarp’ers!
I have a Hermod and down’t own a dedicated module to change octaves of the oscillators, but I do have Blinds that can send offset voltage. My question is, could there be a configuration of settings where I could turn he knob of Blinds that would go to let’s say A input on Hermod and that way change an octave of the sequence that’s playing? Since 1 octave is 1v and blinds could do ±5, is there a possibility to go up and down the octave like that? I’ve been trying this but so far didn’t get to a solution. Also because my midi effect on that track already has some offset in order to tune the oscillator, so if I patch blinds to that parameter, then that goes to 0 and it’s out of tune… I hope i’ve explained myself clear enough on this…cheers guys!

I think you should be able to figure something like this out with the midi effect, (the one that sits in the first EFFECT slot by default) It has a value called “ROOT NOTE” And I think you should be able to use one of the CV inputs to change this value (via the Effect Matrix). But I assume it won’t just work with a 1v/oct standard… there will be some attenuation guesswork involved… :slight_smile:

that’s exactly why it doesn’t work… if you leave them on 0, then yes, maybe with some offsets you could potentially achieve that… but still, you couldn’t tweak that with confidence during live set :smiley:

ah yes, reading. gotcha… :rofl:
Well, you could possibly get the “TRANSPOSE” Value inside the scale Effect to work for you… given, that there is a semitone scale (or No Scale :slight_smile: that basically doesn’t change your sequence… (I don’t know if there is such a scale to choose from)
It says +/- 36 steps, so that would give you 3 Octaves up and 3 octaves down, but I still think you will have to get some sort of attenuation involved :slight_smile:

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