Changing midi channel on copied tracks

I’m having a hard time figuring this one out…

— I have a drum track on track 1
— I copy track 1 to track 5
— The copied track is now on track 5, but no matter what I do I can’t seem to change the midi channel to 5. It stays at 1 since that’s the track I copied from
— Even if I hold track 5 and change the channel to 5, it only transmits via channel 1

Am I missing something here?

don’t press the encoder …
channel selection is immediate
(you can just press track again to exit this screen)

generally press encoder = reset to default
which in this case = 1

also drum tracks only use that midi channel for automation.
they use the midii channel on the note screen for the notes.
this is because some drum machines need different hits to be on different midi channels… not just different notes (numbers)

you change that by holding down encoder on note screen
(generally , numbers underneath main parameters are done with this gesture)


Ahh thanks for the tip! I was able to change the note view channel by pressing the encoder down.

But what about the port?

If track 1 has MIDI A and I copy it to track 5 but now want to use USB Device. I can’t seem to figure this one out yet…

port is the same , change with encoder 1 (and don’t press encoder , as that resets to A aka default)
(this port is used for automation and notes )

oh, another tip. which I forget for drum mode.
go to step mode
press a row. press n’ hold row.
now you can channel midi channel/note as well
BUT importantly you can change the trig note

this allows your controller to send a different note to trigger the hit, to the note that is sent out to your drum machine.
(I rarely need this, so tend to use the other way )

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Awesome, changing via the row is great!

I still can’t seem to change the port though. Once I’ve copied a track with a certain port setting, I can’t seem to ever change it on the new track…

In practice, if I copy track 1 with MIDI A to track 5, I won’t be able to use track 5 to control Ableton via USB. Even if I hold delete and reset the track 5. The only way that I’ve found around this is to find another track that has USB port and copy that over.

let me try, I pretty sure it was working for me…

yeah its fine here?!

so what I did was …
new project
track 1 - drum mode, midi A channel 5… (enter some notes, but not relevant)

copy track 1, to track 5 - change port and channel number.
(don’t press encoder, just press track to leave display)

ive also no issue changing output ports on it afterwards.


can you try to do the same thing , but say make T1 = midi B, then do the copy…
Id like to know if its staying on B… or ‘resetting’ to A.
(though I still have no idea why, given its working here!?)

I tried MIDI B to check for reset, but I’m a bit confused. I can try later with a more robust MIDI monitor.

Here is a video of what I’m experiencing. I copy a MIDI A track to a new slot, change to USB Device, but it never actually goes out on USB.

ah, the issue is when you paste a track it is initially MUTED (thats why track is flashing)

this is because, say you were performing… and wanted to layer something…
when you paste you don’t want it to immediate start sending duplicate data.
rather, you paste it , change the destination (port/channel) then unmute it…

sorry, I thought you were saying hapax UI was not updating… didn’t realise you meant data was not sent.


Ahhhh! :rofl:

Ok you’ll never get those 30 minutes back — they’re gone forever. The good news is that perhaps someone as clueless as me will see this and learn from it.

Thank you!