Change to Humanize? Can't apply to all steps?

My favorite feature of the Pyramid appears to have been changed for the worse; please correct me if I’m wrong.

I used to love applying a bit of humanize on my snares and hi hats, but now it doesn’t function how I want; it only applies to even steps because it is part of the swing algorithm.

Is there any way to have it apply on all steps? Could we please somehow have this ability brought back? I want to be able to apply a subtle humanize to all steps of any track I choose.

I think your thread title could be less negative, if I’m honest. Probably put people in a bad mood before even reading your comment.

But I agree with the main thrust, it would be nice to have Humanise on all steps, and not just even ones. (I don’t think they’ve made anything ‘worse’ as it’s a new machine and new code)

Recommend submitting a feature request via the contact form, if you’ve not already, then it can go on the list at Squarp.


Ok, I changed the title. I do think its worse to not be able to apply to all steps because multiple tracks could easily be used to only apply to certain steps if desired.

Yeah, it would definitely be nicer to put the humanise on all steps. I hadn’t actually noticed it was only on 2 and 4