Change tempo over time

I’m trying to speed a song up gradually when I get to a certain sequence, is there any easy way to do that?

For example, I would love for my tempo to go from 100 to 120 over four bars. I know I can automate bpm of a tempo fx in step mode, but dialing in a smooth transition seems like I’d need to dial in automation on every single step.

Any help much appreciated!

I asked about this a long time ago and my recollection is that you must do it in steps. I use tempo automation a lot. I think you’d be surprised how smooth the transition will sound with only 1 bpm effect setting per bar. I do entire songs changing the bpm every bar and you really can’t hear the changes; it feels fluid.

Let’s say your song has been at 100 bpm. To begin the change, set bar 1 to 105, set bar 2 to 110, set bar 3 to 115, and set bar 4 to 120. See how it sounds. I think the change will sound far smoother than you imagine. If you want it to be smoother, add 4 additional steps in between those. Even at that point, you’ve only created 8 steps which takes no time at all.

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Thanks for the quick response. I’ll play around with it and see how it goes.

In a perfect world, I could give it a target BPM and a length of time, regardless of current BPM.

Like, if I wanted to go to 120 over 4 bars, Pyramid would do that whether I was at 100bpm or 80bpm, or any really. I know that’s some pie-in-the-sky thinking, but I guy can always hope :wink:


Pyramid features are pretty much locked at this point. but interpolation as you describe i’m not sure would be any smoother than just dividing 120-100/80 by 16 and using that value as your BMP increment.

but also with zoom you may be able to get more granular than just four beats per bar. i know you can for notes, e.g., triplets. haven’t tried it with FX like BPM myself though

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