Change Sequence with external controller

Hi all,

Does anyone have any workaround for changing sequences with external midi notes rather than CC69? I know you can change tracks with notes. The reason for asking is:

  1. I find song mode a little limited, and I would like to use chains in some way
  2. I have Analog Keys, which can sequence external notes but not CC.
  3. I am using Ableton to sequence the sequences in the studio, but I don’t want to take a computer on stage.
  4. I would like to use the Analog Keys Song and Chain modes as a master song mode for the Pyramid.

Ideally, I don’t want any extra equipment.

Thanks in advance.

AFAIK the only option would be to emulate Sequencer Mode (if considering Sequencer Mode as merely a snapshot of Muted/Unmuted Tracks) using Note#s 36-99 per the MIDI Implementation Chart.

Unfortunately I believe this acts as a toggle which may/may not work for your use.

Another option might be a loopback, perhaps - but I’m undercaffeinated at the moment so there is most likely a flaw in that idea. Example: Use Bank D with one shot Tracks that send the required CC’s/Notes to Turn On/Off Tracks in Banks A, B, C. I haven’t tested this. I wonder how that works with the Track Mute Delay, Pattern Delay, and Seq Peform…hrmmm.

Thank you, for your thoughts.

I was thinking this might be the case. Its a shame we can’t use notes for triggers, CC’s for sequence changing even in Ableton is quite painful.

I was wondering about a loop back, worth experimenting with. I use an iConnectivity device so the actual loop back would be easy to try.

Enjoy your caffeine!

I’m a big proponent of Event Processors as they can make just about any MIDI message into anything else, or use incoming Events to create more complex scenes or series of events.

If you decide to break your philosophy of eschewing extra equipment, you might find including one as a serious advantage towards achieving your goal seamlessly.

As an example, it would be interesting to Send from your controller Note Events and then translate those to the CCs needed to control Track Mute States or even Sequences.

It’s a shame that iConnectivity won’t allow this type of 1:1 translation - it would seem to be easy.

Edit to add: I checked the iConnectivity website for info on their Auracle system to see if it’s possible with their routing/filtering abilities but it seems they dont’ actually have manuals - only videos. I don’t do videos.

But one thought would be if you could send a Note Event on a specific channel and have iConnectivity perhaps translate the Note# to a value for CC69. So as an example, you’d send perhaps a Note 7 and the router would convert that to a CC69 value 7 message - which with PyraMIDI would launch SEQ 7.

Note: That’s SUPER simple with a BomeBox, but I’m sure that’s more investment (time, energy, and instruction) than most would prefer. Understandable. MIDIHub might be able to do this, or perhaps the MIDI Solutions Event Processor - I don’t know for a fact, but at least the former has some extra nifty features that you might find valuable.

I was hoping the iConnectivity would offer some event translation, alas they don’t. It is one of those boxes that is almost great, but seems to miss some simple and important features. The use of videos for tutorials is very annoying, I completely understand your views there!

I think midi translation is the answer. I realised I also use patterns in the pyramid heaps, and if I just change tracks I can’t change patterns as well.

I am in a situation where a simple feature is missing a few devices, midi CC sequencing on the AK, patterns on the Pyramid, or note for changing sequences on the Pyramid, and midi translation on the iConnectivity. That is life, and finding workflows is always the challenge and the joy.

Thank you for your thoughts, its always great to get others input and insights. I will look into some midi processing

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