CC input to Effect Parameter: Assign/MIDI Learn - Only affects one Effect per CC?

Okay, I’m experiencing something and not finding specific documentation so want to run this by y’all in case I’m overlooking something.

It seems to me after running a bunch of tests that:
If you Assign an incoming MIDI CC (as in from another controller IN to the Pyramid) to control an Effect, you cannot Assign this same CC to another Track with the same effect.

That is, if you, say, have multiple tracks with a MIDI Delay on them and want to Assign a single incoming MIDI CC to modulate that delay on all the tracks with that MIDI Delay, you cannot.

Workaround would be to use a Translator to stick in between the outboard controller splitting the CC messages into multiples. Or that’s the only solution I can find. Note: I have several of these I’ve been working on getting going, so using the Master Effect wouldn’t really work (because: lots of reasons I have not documented here. I think)

Anyone else do some extensive control of the Pyramid via outboard MIDI Controllers and run into this? I’m prone to attacks of ignorance and dumbessary, so I could missing something glaringly obvs.

Also note: I freakin HATE MIDI Learn! Just give me a field I can stick the MIDI CC in - decimal or hex - I do both. Kthxbai! LOL (this is because I usually have my controllers do multiple things with one button and I have to write a ‘special script’ to only send a single CC for the MIDI Learn feature.)

In the misc. settings you can choose ‘assign type’: Per track or per project. If you choose per project, you can use the same CC for al the tracks. Only thing with the Per Project setting is that you must select the track first to control something in that track. Is this what you’re after? Hope you will find the solution! Good luck, happy controlling :+1:

Ow wait… you want to control ie all the delay effects on different tracks at the same time?? Than my above tip won’t work :-1:

Hmmm… don’t know about that. I’m new to the Pyramid, coming from a Deluge. On the Deluge you can assign as much parameters to one incoming CC as you wish. Problem i had with the deluge was the missing visual feedback from all the automation. Gets a mess very quick.
Well good luck :+1:

Thank you for the response!

I forgot about the Assign Per Track/Per Project. That was introduced with PyraOS 3.0, silly me keeps forgetting to review the release notes.

Nevertheless, that didn’t resolve it.
Appreciate you responding, tho.

Welcome over to the Squarp side from Deluge!
So many awesome hardware options these days it’s exciting. Great chance for everyone to find what they need.

Me? I’m always needing something these devices don’t do, hence my need to control the Pyramid from external MIDI device. giggle


did you find a solution to this?
I don’t understand why midi CC doesn’t work per channel for assignment, when in multichannel mode and using x track assignment…

Hi there.
I’m not sure what you’re asking. Apologies.
This was an exploration in ‘how the Pyramid works’, specifically if you Assign something-something on the Pyramid to react to an incoming MIDI CC, you cannot Assign that same MIDI CC to other things.

A usage scenario might be that you want turn On/Off Arpeggiators on multiple Tracks by sending CC 49.

It won’t work that way.
You’d have to send ONE CC for each ‘thing’ you want to modulate externally.

So, CC’s are Channel Agnostic or something?
I think? Maybe that’s the correct term, perhaps not.
Maybe someone smrt can 'splain it better.

Edit to Add: At one time I would swear that the Pyramid parsed incoming Channel also, btw. So, CC49 on CH01 was (to the Pyramid) different than CC49 on CH03 (B0 31 vv != B2 31 vv). I must have been smoking crack because I haven’t been able to duplicate that. It would be nice to have a few more CC’s, but I’m particularly CC slutty, so YMMV.



sorry if I wasn’t clear, I was indeed wondering about exactly the same use-case: assigning the same midi cc on multiple channels, to turn on off arpeggiators or other effects on multiple tracks.

I was just hoping you somehow figured out it was possible. Given the flexibility on this thing I would have expected it to work.

Nevermind, will map more CCs…


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It’s possible for some things though (in v3.0 and newer):

New assign option: EFFECT MASTER: now you can change (with a single control) the Quantizer GRID, the Scale SCALE, the Scale KEY, the Chance CHANCE, or the Swing PERCENT of all tracks.

that would make things so much easier sometimes, eh? heh heh

Remember there are also Effect Masters (Quantize Grid, Scale, Scale Key, Chance %, Mute Probability (!), and Swing %) which will work that way.

But yeah: handy for a MIDI Event Processor.
Nice to know someone else maxing out the MIDI CC control IN to the Pyramid.
I did a feature request for it a long while back.
Be sure to put that in if you get around to it, because maybe there’s more of us!

I made a feature request for something that could cover this - I asked for “Effect groups - similar to master effect but more grouping possibilities. For example to map all drum tracks to a “group master” swing.” If that sounds like it could work for you then maybe request it also.

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