CC Automation - Relative Mode - for Live Performances

A great feature for a future updates would be to have a relative mode of a CC step automation that is already recorded and assign it to a rotary encoder for live performances.
So the aim would be to increase and decrease the “depth”/or “range” of a rhythmic automation curve of eg. filter cutoff or similar things. So the negative and positive peaks would go up and down and the rest of the curve would transform accordingly as you move the encoder… from 0 = flat to 127 = peaks hit the top and bottom. Of course you would have to define a basic / ground value in advance, or even assign that value to another encoder.

As CC values are absolute values, it would be purely internal, mathematical operation inside pyramid and I don’t know if this rather difficult or easy to achieve, but it would be a game changer for me.

P.S. For refernce: I think NI’s machine has such a behaviour of turning knobs after an automation is recorded.