CC Automation for drum tracks

Hello all! I’m going through my gear piece by piece to get everything set up nicely with the Hapax so I can start making music. One stumbling block I’ve just hit is doing CC automation on a drum track. Specifically, I’m using a digitakt. Setting up the drum mode/track was a breeze and it’s really fun to work with. However, the issue I’m having is that if I want to do something like… do a delay fx send to the snare track and a reverb send on the kick track on the digitakt… I don’t think I can? The automation lane just uses one midi channel to send, even though the drum track itself could be sending to 8 different channels. as a workaround I was hoping I could setup the midi output to send to all channels (like you can with input) but that option isn’t available.

Is there a way to do this? Would be great if you could do “per-row” automation the same way the velocity track works!

no all tracks are fixed to one output/one midi channel.
except MPE (which tie notes and their expression to channel) and drum tracks for note trigs.

the concept of different notes/channels for drum tracks I think is fairly ‘simple’…
I do not think they are like ‘sub tracks’ (as they are in say some daws) … so, different automation/fx - thats a whole new level of complexity.
I suspect when you get into wanting more from particular drums (eg automation/different fx), you’ll (at least for now) need to move them onto separate tracks.

but hey ho, you need to ask squarp.

(in fairness, in my Eurorack video I ended up in a similar place with cv/gate tracks where I really wanted to be about to send out CCs on a midi channel… so who knows!)

send it in as a feature request via the contact form

Ah yes, I do remember that part from your eurorack video (thanks for the great content and helpful answers, btw!).

I ran into a similar issue, I have a bluebox and had the hapax sending to it on midi channel D, and was thinking I could have per-track reverb/delay/volume macros, but since you can’t select the output channel of the knob assignment entries, that idea doesn’t work :frowning:

I sent in a feature request for the ability to have a field for selecting the output port and midi channel when adding a new automation/knob entry, which would add a ton of flexibility to both creating macros and automation.

Excited to see how the software develops!

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Love the idea of being able to control the BlueBox on each track. Great idea.

And being able to fire Automation at part of a drum track makes total sense - not being able to do that will be a real limitation. But at least you can use the Algo’s on a part makes senses (like RMR demos with the hi-hat velocities).

yeah, I think @Lament , its clear we understand why this is a limitation. (and Squarp too)

but, I think we can all see that one track = one output destination, does keep things kind of simple/meaningful… and is very common in other tools (e.g. daws)

I think changing the drum midi channel per ‘hit’ was an ‘easy’ thing to do (relatively), and im sure was something that came up in beta, with someone using a drum machine that needed it.

its a tough one… and probably a major change to do otherwise.
the AUTOM screen currently is not at all related to the ‘drum lane’,
do you change it so it only shows the ‘current’ selected drum lanes automation?
(even then, there is no concept of current drum lane)

I see potentially one ‘glimmer’ of hope on this…from an unusual angle!
MPE note editing !

the MPE note editing feature WILL tie automation to a particular NOTE,
it also has a concept of the ‘voice number’ (aka midi channel, but a bit different)

SO… perhaps once this is in-place, some how the drum track could inherit these features.

its not an obvious connection, so Im sure it won’t happen immediately…
but its something when we see MPE note editing, we can perhaps suggest be utilised in drum tracks.
but lets see how this looks first, since it may not ‘fit’ at all.

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