Can't update OS past 2.30

I have one of the first batches of Pyramids hardware version 132 and i cant seem to update the OS past PYRA2.30

any advice?

very kind regards

Have you opened a support case?
Think you can do that using this link,

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HI Thanks for the reply. I contacted them from that link yesterday but no reply as yet.

Can you tell us the exact steps you took and what happened?

HI thanks for the reply. I have used 3 different SD cards and with all of them I have formatted to MS DOS FAT on my mac then dragged the pyraOS.bin file on to the card, safely ejected then into the Pyramid and powered on holding down the main encoder I then get a message on the screen that reads BOOTLOADER V132 PYRAOS NOT FOUND!!!

And when you copy the firmware image to SD, it’s in the root (top-most) directory?

Hi yes when i copy the .bin file to the SD it is at the top of list above the project folders…

Do i need to install earlier OS?

HI all sorted thank for your help!!!