Can't seem to get pyramid to do anything but repeat 16 steps?!?

Hi, I was quite excited to get the pyramid. I just hooked it up to my prophet 6. I want to play about a verse and a chorus in real time and record the whole thing (using prophet keyboard) with the pyramid.

So, I go into live mode. I press record and 2nd. I hear the four beats and then the pyramid starts recording but only records 16 steps and then immediatily starts to play them back even though it’s still “recording” (?)

I checked in settings and the live looper is off. Also, I found some setting in misc that set the bar length and I set that at the maximum but it didn’t change anything.

I can’t find anything in the user guide about this either. I think I need some help!

Hold down track+length and change the length of your track to the desired bar count. It seems like you may have jumped right in to making some music before you read much of the manual. I’d recommend going through each ‘mode’ in the manual a couple of times while keeping the overlay on for the first few days. Hope that helps!

Hi, thanks so much!
I realized I was just in the help guide not the manual.

I just found that in the manual as well. I’ve spent at least an hour reading the quick start and user guides, but a lot of it is about things I don’t intend to do or functions I will not use. Sometimes it seems hard to find the simple things in there.

Ok, now I set the length but it’s not playing anything back which is strange because it was before, and the only thing I changed was the track length. I will do some more reading. Maybe I have something set incorrectly with the MIDI, the notes sound distorted too? I will read some more and search some more threads.

Isn’t there also a setting to enable live recording of any length, i.e. until you press record again to stop recording? Not 100% sure sorry, not near my Pyramid.

I think it’s called “Live Looper”. See