Can't Save "synch load" setting

Hey Community

if i wanna save my “synch load” setting to “send clock”
but evrytime i open the project again after saving it this setting is disappeared.
does anyone had this issue before?

i would be super happy if anyone could help me out

all the best

Have you tried

Hey thanks for comming back so quickly i just realised this when i allready posted it.
But ther is still a question.
I programmed my live which i play on wednesday and i have 2 projects.
can i do this for both projects because this is irritating me in the manual
" The 64 track channels will be auto-loaded at Pyramid startup." i just dont wanna loose the whole project :smiley:

Im sorry, i cant answer this question.
I do not use the sync load feature.

I would suggest trying it to see if it works as you expect.

okey tried it out all works :slight_smile: thank you so much
i found another post which helped my solve the problem :slight_smile:

have a nice day! and thank you very much !

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