Cannot sync my Hapax properly with 1010music BlueBox and BlackBox

Hi, I have my Hapax running as main clock (with start-signal), and connected via DIN-MIDI OUT are (among other things) 1010musics BlackBox and BlueBox. When I press start, stop and then start again, both B-Boxes always run with the right clock. But when I wait a little and then press start, it’s most likely that either one of them or even both run with only one third of the clock! It’s totally random. This is even more strange as both devices get exactly the same clock at the same time. I tested all of the three DIN MIDI OUTs and even replaced my Kenton MIDI Thru Box with another one from Miditech. It might be an issue with 1010music, but on the other hand my Roland MC 707 works fine al the main clock in the same setting.

So the big question is: What’s going on here?

Hi Steeldust,

From the way you describe it, it seems to be a known problem of the Blackbox, not the Hapax. Check out this detailed thread @ 1010music forums: Sync problem between Keystep Pro and Blackbox - 1010music Forum

Unfortunately, the problem is over a year old and I’m not sure they released a fix yet. Also - with the last update of the Bluebox, it too became faulty in the same way. Let’s hope that 1010music fixes this one day. Ah well.

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Just discovered this: Set Hapax to Always send midi clocks, even when hapax is stopped. This is the trick!

Btw the thread you mentioned was by myself :slight_smile:

My theory is that some devices like the Keystep send clock only when playing, while other devices like the Roland MC 707 always send clock. The Hapax is capable of doing both. Default is: “Send midi clocks only when Hapax is playing.”

I don’t know if it’s inaccurate implementation by 1010music, but this is the reason for sure.

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