Cannot filter out unassigned CC numbers in definition file

I noticed that a lot of unassigned CC numbers in my definition files still show up in my list of CCs after using “call an instrument” on a track.

Specifically, after I made sure that SETTINGS > MISC > LOAD DEFINITION was set to FILTER CC+NOTE, if I go to CC message STEP MODE and turn the main encoder to select a CC message, I have to scroll through many CC number that are NOT defined…

Why is that ?

are the names showing up… so you know the definition file is loaded correctly…?!
if so, sounds like a bug - you should file it via the squarp contact form.

( I assume you are on the latest pyramid firmware)

It’ll show up when you go to step mode and scroll to CC msgs ( def CC filter is on in setting), the assign knob menu, to my knowledge, isn’t limited to def.file.

so, that ‘proves’ the definition file is loading,
sounds like a bug if the filtering is not working as described in the manual - so you should report to Squarp via Contact page on their website.
would be a good time to report, since they are working on the Beta 4.0 release.
(you could double check its not fixed there already - but if its not a reported bug seems unlikely, also id dont remember seeing it in the change log)

I admit I gave up on def files a long time back… they just didnt really seem to fit my setup.

Well, I can imagine a situation when you want to assign a CC not in def.file.

Thanks to all ! :slightly_smiling_face:
I am on OS 3.23 so yeah … possibly a bug.
I’ll report it to Squarp just in case.

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I’ve had the same problems, set up the definition files according to protocol and they just didn’t get filtered and didn’t always show up correctly. I think that area of the manual should be removed until they have the functionality worked out completely, I don’t think it’s there yet.

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